Red Head

Posted on August 26, 2010


Thanks to Florence, flame coloured locks are back in and they don’t seem to be leaving any time soon. As a red head myself I know how difficult it can be to keep colour. Red, especially, seems to fade after the first wash and gets progressively worse from there…even if it is a ‘permanent’ dye. I’ve been red for about two years now and have to dye mine about once a month. It can be hard to find the right shade of red, after all it’s never really like the model on the box! So what’s the best way to stay red for longer? Some of the best dyes I’ve used are L’Oreal Feria (WARNING: will colour skin!), Boot’s Botanics and Schwartzkopf Live Colour XXL , all giving a vibrant red. Herbal Essences ‘Ignite My Colour Intensive mask’ is a must (also comes in a shampoo). It not only seriously conditions but does give some life back to the shade! If you’ve ever tried a firey dye you’ll know that it’s one for staying on your skin. To avoid this I use Vaseline around the hairline to stop the colour spreading. Another tip, wash the conditioning mask out with cold water. It sounds horrible but really helps lock your colour in. When you do all of this your colour should stay vibrant for much longer…Happy dyeing!

(Photo by Scott Schuman)

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