Smack in the Mouth

Posted on August 28, 2010


MKA red lipsRed lipstick is back….again! (Did it ever go away?) But this time there’s a lot more to choose from. Although MAC are definitely the ones to beat in terms of fade/smudge resistance with their Pro Longwear range, extremely important especially for red lip shades, I’m afraid that for colour and moisturisation I’m with Chanel. Their new genius product comes in the form of Rouge Coco; a light weight, rich and hydrating lip colour that feels like nothing at all when you wear it. Giving a good colour that is easy to apply and stylishly packed, it is certainly the one to go for if you’re looking to invest. Rouge Coco is available online and in most high street department stores for around £21. TIP: the only red that suits all skin colourings is that mimicking a blood shade.

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