Corinne Day 1965-2010

Posted on August 29, 2010


Kate CorinneIn the ninetees a young, self-taught British photographer named Corinne Day made her mark on the fashion industry. Embracing a new take on photography by establishing a documentary element in her images, Day excited the industry insiders. Yesterday, (August 28th 2010), Corinne Day died aged forty five from a Brain Tumor. Day was diagnosed in August 2009 and by February the next year she unfortunately became ‘gravely ill’. Day photographed a sixteen year old Kate Moss for her first ever cover shoot featured in Face Magazine in 1993 and, after forming a friendship, many times thereafter. The phenomenon of Kate Moss began with that shoot. The photographs from it portrayed a vulnerability in Moss and her scruffy, skinny, elfin style started a new wave in fashion, later named ‘Grunge’. The controversial photographer later turned her back on magazine work as she was dissapointed that they had become ‘stale, just about sex and glamour, when there are other elements of beauty‘. The BBC Four Documentary ‘Corinne Day Diary’ shot over a ten year period by Day’s boyfriend covers her working life as a photographer and is definitely worth watching. Changing fashion forever, offering us the country’s biggest supermodel along with capturing bewildering and endeering images for Purple magazine, Vogue and so many more, Day is and always will be yet another tremendous loss to the fashion world.

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