Quick-Fix Nails

Posted on August 31, 2010


nail rockAnyone who has read last week’s Grazia Magazine will have heard of Nail Rock, the easy answer to false nails. I don’t usually wear them but my memories from when I have are that standard false nails create a frustrating mess where you are lucky to get out without your hands stuck together! Fiddly, and unrealistic it’s about time there was an alternative and here it is. Created by nail expert Zoe Pocock, it all sounds easy enough. HOW IT WORKS: Nail Rock is a small wrap that covers your fingernail and is cut square at the tip for your own filing. The wrap, once placed, requires a little heat from a hairdryer for about a minute and there you have it! Stuck without being sticky! The designs range from plain white to pink leopard print. Available at ASOS and Topshop.

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