Lady Gaga’s Raw Meat Outfits

Posted on September 14, 2010


Gaga VogueLady Gaga has sparked major controversy in the celebrity world and is said to have ‘outraged’ animal rights campaigners. It all started when she posed on the cover of Japanese Vogue in a bikini constructed of cuts of raw meat (above). Now, after complaints from PETA and fellow celebrities Gaga arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday in another meat outfit, this time a dress (complete with boots, hat and bag).
Gaga VMAsAt first this made me too wonder what on Earth was going through her head when she made this decision. But you don’t cause such controversy and outrage from so many only to do it again without a valid reason. Lady Gaga (aka Stephanie Germanotta) is known for making statements in her performances and her wardrobe as a way of campaigning and this time I think we’ve missed the point. PETA, who fight for animal rights and welfare don’t seem to have picked up on it, Ellen DeGeneres who questioned Gaga on her choice appeares to have missed something too. I don’t beleive Gaga enjoys wearing raw meat at all, or that she thinks it looks attractive. It seems to me, rather, that the reason behind all of this is simple, is wearing raw meat any different at all from wearing fur or leather? Gaga has stated that another message that she is portraying through this is the idea that ‘if we do not stand up for our rights we have no more of them than the meat on our bones’. Gaga is working hard to repeal Don’t Ask: Don’t Tell and is supporting a Human Rights campaign to allow gay Soldiers and Service members to be open about their sexuality. It seems the ‘weirdo’ singer has succeeded in making a point as far as the outrage caused at the sight of meat being worn as a ‘beautiful’ garment. Everyone is talking about it. Just a shame then, that we have grown so used to seeing every other animal fabric being paraded as must haves on fashion runways. I beleive thats the point to all of this. Watch Gaga‘s response to the commotion here.

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