The Phenomenal Rise Of Fashion Bloggers

Posted on September 16, 2010


Tavi G

Tavi Gevinson

In a world where the Fashion media is changing Designers are finding it hard to choose who gets to sit on their front row. Online media coverage of New York Fashion week has increased by 20% this year and now accounts for approximately 40% of the 3,600 members of the press covering the event. Bloggers that have achieved fame such as Tavi Gevinson, BryanBoy and Susanna Lau from StyleBubble have all earned their front row seats, but why? These young bloggers usually turn up with nothing but a notebook and a Smartphone. After posting on the way to announce that they will be there, followers are ready and waiting for pictures and comments to arrive seconds after the models have walked the runway. The fast paced blogging allows readers to have an opinion of the collections well before we are shown them in magazines. Not afraid to say exactly what they think, and not contractually obliged to censor their words, this creative bunch of fashion enthusiasts are in a position to make people laugh, start lengthy discussions and have a massive influence on the industry’s consumers. Steven Kolb, executive director of Council of Fashion Designers of America has announced that for the first time this year, Bloggers are among the judges for the CFDA’s annual awards. The fashion media hierarchy is beginning to see bloggers at the top, and rightly so when they have built their own sites, opinions, styles and popularity from scratch. In the words of Steven Kolb, ‘Not to embrace blogging, tweeting and social networking is ultimately bad for somebody’s business’.