Trinny & Susannah Mockumentary

Posted on September 30, 2010


T&SThis is actually hilarious. I have always complained about the docu-drama style, but I think that’s because to this day I really hate ‘The Hills’. This programme was advertised as ‘Trinny and Susannah – From Boom to Bust’, set up as a serious documentary cataloguing the progress of the ladies, (having had their careers stolen by Gok Wan) trying to rebuild their fame. However, aired this evening, it’s clear to see that it’s acted. Not in an annoying, trying to act but not quite managing it way but in a brilliant and genuinely funny way. With the world today being so aware of fashion and with so many people wanting to be in the industry, this is a refreshing and enlightening take on the fashion world. Everyone involved (there’s a load of recognisable faces) is in on it resulting in some fantastically clever scenes. The ladies flit between between giggly and girly to grumpy, demanding and ‘F***ing F***ed off!’ There’s a slight nod to Anna Wintour here with the diva style tantrums and demands. Following the repetitive failure they encounter in the hour long show, the story unfolds and you find yourself really rooting for them. Until now I was a Gok fan but these two are the originals and bloody funny. So with that Trinny and Susannah are back in our lives, and they are very welcome.

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