McQueen Memorial

Posted on October 10, 2010


McQueen Memorial Photo from Reuters

February this year saw the tragic loss of Lee Alexander McQueen, the phenomenal British designer, following his suicide. From his closest friends and relatives to anyone remotely interested in fashion, the sadness felt was overwhelming. The months ahead saw tribute spreads in every magazine and more and more McQueen on the red carpet. But to top it all, St Paul’s Cathedral in London this September was the venue for a very emotional and very poignant memorial service for the designer. Over one thousand people attended including Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour and Naomi Campbell. Speeches were read by Wintour and close family of McQueen talking of his extraordinary talent and vulnerability. Wintour talked of how McQueens favourite pastime as a child was to sit on the roof of his apartment tower block and watch birds circling overhead. ‘Besides some of the most beautiful clothes that have been created in our times, Alexander has left us an even more exceptional legacy’ Wintour said, Alexander has left us an incredible legacy, one of brilliant and extraordinary inspiration and of talent that soared, like the birds of his boyhood, above us all’.
Bringing the service to a close was Icelandic singer Bjork giving a mesmerizing and ghostly performance of ‘Gloomy Sunday’ in tribute to McQueen. Led by bagpipes to mark McQueens Scottish heritage the service was over. Naomi Campbell was amongst the silent crowd and said ‘There are simply no words left to say’.


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