Boy Wizard to Man

Posted on November 11, 2010


Radcliffe D&G

Dazed & Confused November Issue

The November issue of Dazed & Confused sees Daniel Radcliffe all grown up. With the last of the Harry Potter films on its way, in two parts, magazines are full to the brim with interviews and insights into how remarkably mature the HP three, Daniel, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, have become. Is it any surprise? Growing up in the limelight from the age of 9 is a big deal, of course, and these kids have never really known any different. They have been given opportunities and been put in situations that none of us could image and because of that they have had to grow up fast! The stunning pictures of Radcliffe show him to be a man and no longer a boy wizard. Looking like a real professional actor as opposed to a lucky young wannabe, Radcliffe looks ready for some serious acting and if his 2008 West End show Equus is anything to go by, he will be seen as just that. Daniel is to appear as the lead actor in the 2011 film adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Woman In Black.
All three Potter youngsters are very much in the spotlight as we eagerly wait to see what they’ll do next. Remember though, experience matters and unlike the others, Daniel Radcliffe was a young actor way before all this magic stuff.

Read the article and see the pictures.

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