Salute The Troops In Style

Posted on December 15, 2010


hayley marilynEarlier this month a handful of pop diva’s took to the stage in Kuwait to be part of a special gig for the troops. ‘Salute The Troops’ saw Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Paramore host the party of a lifetime for the soldiers. Pint sized popster Hayley Williams posted her outfit plans for her Paramore performance on her Tumblr blog and said that she and her designer friend Jen (@bunnyjenny) were taking inspiration from the above picture of Marilyn Monroe greeting troops. Hayley said ‘Who wants to see me headbanging in an evening dress!?NOT ME!’ Perhaps the reason why the design was then turned into a catsuit. Williams was a little paranoid about her choice ‘people will probably hate what I decide to wear, as usual!’ but I like the homage to Monroe, and considering the show was performed by ‘diva’s’ it seems all the more perfect, even down to the shoe colour!

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