Gaga Goes Brunette (Partly)

Posted on March 3, 2011


Lady Gaga Fringe

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By now we should all be used to the fact that Lady Gaga is a fashion icon. Her extravagant outfits and bleach blonde hair have become famous and copied by Little Monsters (fans) all over the world. Gaga caused a stir recently by Tweeting that she had dyed her fringe black in preparation for her debut as a runway model for Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week and sparked one hell of an internet debate. Personally, I love it, but some devoted fans are not so sure. Ok, so she looks a little like Marilyn Manson in the above photograph but we all know the God of Goths has some serious style. Never fear, there’s still some blonde in there…Gaga has taken to wearing ultra long blonde hair extensions to go with her new black fringe (just to make the statement that bit bigger!)

Lady Gaga Tweet

The image that sparked the debate

I will always have respect for her for wearing some of the creations that she does and the new hair, for me, is just another layer on top of her unstoppable confidence.
Watch the Mugler show HERE.

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