Dip Dye D.I.Y

Posted on April 3, 2011


dip dye skulk

After a sudden urge to dip dye my hair and a lack of funding to get it done professionally, I took to the internet to find tutorials and didn’t come across much useful material. SO…I thought I’d give it a go anyway, after all, dying the bottom three inches of your hair can’t be THAT difficult.
My inspiration being Rachel Bilson and weheartit.com, I decided to brave the bleach with the understanding that if it all went wrong I could just dye over it. If you are thinking of doing the same let me tell you…it ain’t half easy! My hair is dark brown and I lathered the ends with Jerome Russell Bblonde highlighting kit (available at Boots) for 30 mins. Once that was rinsed out and dried I repeated for an inch above, this time leaving it for 20 mins. I wanted mine quite blunt but if you want a subtle graduation then you may need to work upwards from the ends leaving it less and less time as you do so. EASY!! This style looks especially good when you tie you hair into a plait.

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