Platforms Are Back…Again

Posted on April 5, 2011


wedgesSpring trends have seen the return of many styles last seen in the 70’s. Something that I know has been back since and will possibly never go away is the platform shoe. Not quite as extravagant as the days of Elton John or ABBA, the new take on platforms sees a strappier and supposedly more practical version.
The thing with platforms, although I love to hate them, is that they are so much easier to walk in than heels. You might not think this immediately but the height on both the front and the back of the shoe balances the shape of your foot.

The brand that have cottoned on to the trend, and then some, is Topshop. The snake patterned pair (below) are just one of the many pairs they have on offer at the moment. So if you are brave enough to try walking in a tower of 70’s style then head their way.

topshop platform

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