Goodbye To The Model Agency

Posted on April 7, 2011


premier the model agency

Photograph by Louis Quail

The past six weeks of stress, tantrums and tears is over. Like it or not The Model Agency on Channel 4 has had a serious amount of positive feedback. Although the bookers attitude was occasionally rather bitchy and unsympathetic in the process, watching the lead up to Fashion Week was fascinating. You don’t have to be a fashion lover to understand the sheer panic that these bookers must have gone through. Girls were leaving just a few short week before show season and it was up to head of new faces Annie to pick up the pieces.
When I worked at Zone Model Management in London it was stressful, but this was on another level. The pace and drive in the fashion industry can be overwhelming and its a wonder how the team behind the force of Premier Model Management are still alive after every season!

Although the program is over, you can still keep up to date with the Premier team on Twitter (@PremierModels) and on the news page of their website.

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