Olsen Twins Create ANOTHER BRAND!

Posted on April 9, 2011


olsen twinsMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have gone from teenage actresses all sweetness and light to big time fashion icons with attitude in a few short years. The pair have created and managed brands such as The Row, Elizabeth & James and Olsenboye, well guess what…they’ve done it again! The overwhelming respect for the Olsen twins in the fashion world has never failed to aid them in the success of a brand. StyleMint is the new one and is promised to be a very personal shopping experience. Initially an online boutique, customers complete a short selection of questions at the start of their shop and are then shown items and accessories that fit best with their answers along with the opportunity to register. Another great perk to the idea is that it is totally affordable, with the initial 8 items all priced at $29.99!
The girls will create regular video updates for the site (just in case you don’t feel involved enough!) and will be designing the pieces themselves. Sounds lovely but you’ll have to wait until July to visit and shop as the online store is set for launch in the Summer.

Ashley says of the new venture; “Online commerce is the perfect medium for us to create a new brand that is as much about the clothing as it is about the customer experience.”

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