Burberry April Showers

Posted on April 12, 2011


Burberry have released the campaign footage and images for their April Showers collection and I’m in two minds. Personally, I have always preferred Burberry Mens outerwear to Womens. There is just something about the silhouette of a man in a trench coat that shouts style to me. The Mens items in the campaign video (modeled by Sebastian Brice) are more of the classic mac shape but this time with a splash of bright Springtime colour. The Womenswear, however, leaves me wondering what I am expected to write about this Spring. Don’t get me wrong I love the rubber bags, but the outerwear is just not working for me. I don’t understand the thought process behind see through jackets..for me shiny plastic macs do not say Spring. In fact to me they say 5-year-old on a rainy day. But that’s just my opinion. Overall I love the video, Burberry are beginning to turn their slow motion jumping models into their signature.
So…give the video a once over and keep your eyes on Sebastian.

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