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Posted on April 20, 2011


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As sister brand to Jack Wills, Aubin & Wills never fails to impress. Having worked for the company in 2009/10 I can vouch for the quality, versatility and long life of the clothes hence me still wearing them today. The Summer Almanac just came through my front door and I was initially surprised to see the face of  supermodel Heather Marks on the front only to discover that the Summer menswear is modeled by Carl Barat!! I posted earlier in the life of  Skulk Fashion that Alex James and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had modeled for the brand. It appears  that the company know who they want and why and are prepared to stop at nothing to get them. As for the clothes? A bit plain and unimaginative. Don’t get me wrong, I like them…they just seem a little basic. I’m used to A&W having quirky quotes on their products and mesmerizing attention to detail and this year is not a patch on last Summer. A few items that stand out to me are the mens Haughton Crew, the Collingham Messenger bag and the womens Featherstone vest (which, teamed with the Wardle trousers looks like a jumpsuit!!). Although on their own the items are a little dull, a whole outfit is pretty much bang on beautiful.
Go and have a look and order a free Almanac, if not for the clothing for the beautiful lifestyle photographs.

carl barat aubin and wills
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