New Study Says ‘Chubby’ Models Should Be Banned!??

Posted on April 20, 2011


crystal renn

marquita pring levisOh my goodness. Will we ever get it right? According to Grazia a new study by researchers at a University in Italy has apparently shown that using plus size models in the fashion industry will cause Brits to pile on the pounds. I honestly read this title and laughed. I understand that people in the mind-set of not being happy or comfortable in their own body may be affected by size zero models and feel that they want to lose weight (known as thinspiration), and that the Fashion industry can have a massive influence on consumers, but this is just getting silly!
Apparently, the study states, as the majority of British women are not overweight the body shape in recent campaigns could be seen as less attainable and could therefore lead women to purposely put on weight and challenge themselves.
This study, in my opinion, leaves the fashion industry with nothing to come back with. First the industry is criticized for its underweight models and now their girls are too big. But with the  Gok Wan‘s of the world saying there is no ‘normal’ weight to strive for…well, who are they supposed to use?
I honestly think that this has all been very over analyzed. It is also rather disheartening to think that the big bosses out there believe that us British ladies are that fickle. After all…isn’t it about the clothes?

runway(FYI – I honestly don’t see how these models are overweight).

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