Who Was Best Dressed at Coachella?

Posted on April 21, 2011



This years Coachella festival in California was apparently the hottest it’s ever been and people’s dress sense certainly showed it. I have spent the last few days looking through photographs of celebrities and acts that were in attendance and who had the best style? Well…if I were to attend I would strive to wear something along the lines of this…coachella-style-elin-king

…Why? I hear you ask..because it is amazing! From the gorgeous 70’s style hat to the event wristbands Elin Kling‘s outfit oozes style. Practical enough for the heat walking, and just enough disguise for the paparazzi. Kling has got it spot on.

P.S/ Kate Bosworth also looked pretty wonderful. kate-bosworth-coachella-style-2011

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