Vice Style – Visionaries

Posted on June 7, 2011


gareth pugh

Vice have just let me know that they have made a rather interesting little series of documentaries, the first of which is focused on fashion designer Gareth Pugh. So I thanked them for their intriguing nugget of information and proceeded to watch the film. Pugh is one of my three favourite designers – (McQueen, Demeulemeester, Pugh – F.Y.I) – and therefore I was more than a little interested to hear about his inspiration and have a peek inside his studio.
Together, BlackBerry and Vice Style bring you Visionaries, a look at the established and up-and-coming individuals who make fashion happen. Each film stars a seminal fashion visionary and a rising star of their choosing. The visionaries are the art directors, designers, stylists, photographers and editors who broke ground with their work and helped define the look of a generation. Their chosen luminaries have the potential to alter the landscape of fashion in years to come, embodying the fashion world’s predilection for innovation and subversion of the accepted blueprint. Can’t wait for the next installment. I’ll let you know.

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