‘The Ginger One’

Posted on June 12, 2011


nicola roberts

Post Girls Aloud it’s members have single handedly gone to #1 in the charts, some have had records that have flopped and others have become some of the most powerful icons in Britain. Thus far it’s been rather quiet on the Nicola Roberts front, only murmurs of being requested to wear Vivienne Westwood at any opportunity by the designer herself and a brief stint with cosmetics. This year sees the debut album from Nicola and though I am not a massive fan of the music – I am a fan of her creative input in terms of styling. Nicola has emerged as one to keep an eye on in the fashion world and in line with the launch of her solo career she has collaborated with shoe designers at Atlanta Weller.

NICOLA ROBERTS  ATLANTA WELLERThe video below shows the process that Nicola went through to create her bespoke shoes especially for the campaign images and music video for her new song Beat Of My Drum. It’s good to see a member of Girls Aloud doing something substantial in the fashion universe, considering they get so much attention.

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