Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory Video Released

Posted on June 17, 2011


Yesterday saw the release of Lady Gaga‘s music video for The Edge Of Glory. Strangely for Gaga it hasn’t received as much positive praise as her past offerings. We have all come to expect something along the lines of utter fantastic madness from her songs, let alone videos, but this time around something is lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Gaga fan but there’s just something a little…dare I say it…boring about this video. She looks amazing as usual and her 80’s inspired look  came straight from the Vintage Versace archive’s – kindly opened up to the pop legend by Donatella Versace herself. So, on the fashion side of things the video is stunning and very polished, but in terms of what actually goes on…not so much. Any video with Gaga’s music and fashion sense in it is entertaining on one very fabulous level, maybe I’m just looking at it too deeply but I pray to the Gaga Gods that this is not a creative block. Check it out anyway, it is worth it for the styling…

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