River Island Goes All Vivienne Westwood

Posted on June 17, 2011


JELLY SHOES! Love them or hate them you probably had a pair or two when you were little. Well, those fond memories of coming straight out of the sea only to slip around in your jelly moulds are about to come flooding back. River Island have cottoned on to the fact that plastic is fantastic once more, but have they gone too far? You would be forgiven for thinking at first glance that just about every pair on this page was a Vivienne Westwood/Melissa collaboration but these funny little things are about 70% cheaper. I appreciate that River Island are trying to bring the successful stylings of Ms. Westwood to the High Street – but these are a little too obviously trying to be something that is just not from the same mould (get it?). Why not try and find something better or tailor it more to the High Street consumer without making them look like they just couldn’t afford VW’s? There is a plus side,  they are kinda cute and I probably will end up with a pair of the pumps…hopefully they’ll be more comfortable than the Vivienne‘s!

There’s even some for little’uns.