TOPSHOP – First Look at Autumn

Posted on July 1, 2011


Well I’m glad that faux fur is coming back, but the rest of Topshop‘s Autumn offerings are so far so…bland. The cute shorts and leather bags that Topshop come up with are always gems, but I’m talking more about the La Roux style quiffs and the orange striped polos. Odd. Well I’m always up for something new and if this new trend is anything like flippin’ Ugg boots I had better keep my mouth shut (they still look like loaves of bread). One thing I am liking from this little selection of images is the make-up. A classic runway style brow seems to turn any outfit into something just that bit more stylish. Pieces of the new Autumn range are popping up on with new additions every week so keep checking back for must-haves.

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