Tatler, What On Earth!?

Posted on July 7, 2011


pippa-middleton-tatlerOh dear…Oh dear, Oh dear. I’m not usually one to go all out and criticise something but Tatler…are you kidding me!? Pippa Middleton has received an enormous amount of attention since her sister’s wedding back in April. Some people say it’s undeserved and that her behind is no better than the next persons…some people just don’t get it and think she’s boring but whatever you think of her the girl doesn’t deserve to have a bad (not to mention slightly pixelated) picture photoshopped betwixt a load of flowers now does she!? Poor thing. I have respect for Tatler as a magazine but this just seems like a step too far in the silly direction…that or an intern thought it would be funny. The magazine appear to have a rather odd way of going about presenting the Royal’s and their relations, just look what they did to Pippa’s sister…
…I get the ‘Make The Royals Cool’ vibe but this just might hinder the process. One criticism I found on the Fashion Spot forum that was rather funny: ‘Are we still trying to make Pippa Middleton happen?’ …no hard feelings.