Remember The Good

Posted on July 23, 2011


The world has heard the sad news that at 16.05 this afternoon the amazingly talented singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in Camden. At 27 Amy had suffered both drug and alcohol addiction as well as a suspected eating disorder but the Met Police have urged for no speculation on the death until the post-mortem results – calling it, for the time being, unexplained. So now is the time that every body says how talented and determined a person she was and how tragic it is to lose such a talent. I often wonder why this sort of praise happens only when people die. Although Amy was known for her song writing expertise and stunning voice, the media took to turning their attention to her personal struggles. Two people within the media and with the power to influence that praised Amy to the extent that she deserved were Jools Holland and Mark Ronson. No matter what events surrounding Amy had been in the spotlight they always had kind words to say and were constantly overwhelmed by her voice. It saddens me to read my Facebook and Twitter feeds and find constant references to drugs and behaviour related to drinking – even at a time like this people cannot get past what they think they should say to be ‘funny’.
On the flip-side of this there are Amy‘s fans. What a journey they’ve been on. Flowers are multiplying outside Amy’s London home that show continued support not only to Amy throughout her career but to her memory after this sad news. In 2009 I worked in Selfridges in London on a womenswear concession and had the opportunity to serve Amy. I have served a few celebrities in my time as a Sales Assistant, most with no time and a lot of arrogance – so I was taken a-back when Amy called me things like ‘darling’ and said ‘if it’s not too much trouble’ when I had to leg it to the stock room to find her size. Followed by at least fifteen Thank you’s.
Yes, Amy had a turbulent personal life and what seemed like a constant battle with addiction but now is the time to forget that and, instead, remember times when she truly proved her worth, like this…

amy winehouse amy winehouse
amy winehouse