Alexandra Merino – Outfit Queen

Posted on August 21, 2011


Alexandra Merino (aka Alexandra Metal Clown) caught my eye when I found myself caught up in hair and make-up tutorials on YouTube (Not that I use them, but they are interesting if you are ever bored). The 19-year-old has taken her wild imagination and style and paired it with her love of dressing up, somehow managing to create a lifestyle that can only be described as absolutely bonkers…in a good way. Alexandra comes up with a theme and doesn’t stop working like a little Christmas Elf until she has a complete outfit…and I mean complete. From intricately designed nails to brightly coloured wigs. I watched the first video thinking ‘who on Earth is this girl?!’ and by the third I was hooked. I found myself watching almost all of her 87 Youtube videos just to see what her life was like. Her creativity and self-confidence (she goes shopping dressed as a guitar) is thoroughly entertaining. I guarantee that if you delve into her lifestyle through her videos you’ll feel like you know her.
Here’s a few of my favourite outfits…