PJ Harvey Wins In Ann Demeulemeester

Posted on September 7, 2011


It was on the coffee run this morning that I read the news – I was immediately drawn to a picture on the front of a newspaper…why? Because atop the head of the pictures subject was one of my favourite ever pieces by one of my favourite ever designers
The news has spread fast that this years Mercury Prize went to 41-year-old musician PJ Harvey for her album ‘Let England Shake’. This is the second time she has won the award but the first time she has been able to attend the ceremony as in 2001 she was amidst the terror attacks in New York. Boy am I glad she managed to attend! Harvey appears to have developed a style relationship with Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester and last nights awards show saw her in one of the designers most coveted pieces – the feather halo.

pj harvey anne demeulemeester

PJ Harvey in Ann Demeulemeester

When asked to write a review of just ONE item from Dover Street Market in 2009 I chose the black version of the pictured headpiece and found myself writing for much longer than the project perhaps warranted. Demeulemeester‘s accessories invariably cease to have be dumbfounded with admiration, and the marriage of her pieces to Harvey’s music and humble character is a match made in designer heaven. So my congratulations to Ms. Harvey, and not just for the prize.

PJ Harvey in Ann Demeulemeester…
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