Chanel Take Over Harrods

Posted on September 10, 2011


It’s always nice to pop into Harrods for a bit of designer perusing. If you are a Chanel fan you might want to pack your bags now and move in! The department store have granted 20,000 sq foot of its building to the fashion house. Now that is a lot of Chanel. How, you might ask, are they going to fill the space? Don’t worry yourself, for they have 8 foot handbag displays (the bags are 8 foot, not the cabinets) thousands of mannequins and every single window display that the store has to offer. This is Harrod‘s biggest push of a single retailer. The tagline ‘Discover The World of Chanelis rather apt as when you experience the space it feels like the world itself is made up of Coco and Karl’s creations; every nook and cranny has something interesting going on, something beautiful and of course, something Chanel. So if  you’ve ever fancied seeing the stock up close and learning about the multi million selling brand then get yourself down there. It’s like Smithsonian for fashion lovers!

harrods chanel

Every window of Harrods in London is dedicated to Chanel