ON/OFF London…What a day!

Posted on September 16, 2011


At 11.30 this morning I got a text from Nadine Artois telling me to be at Rankin‘s studio in London for 4pm. With no idea what to expect and a banging headache I hauled myself onto a train. Thanks to a certain phone app I managed my way there and headed straight for the dressing rooms. Three rails of collections and a chirpy Nova Dando were there to greet me – what more could one want? I had arrived at the pre-show panic for ON/OFF London. With notes and accessories everywhere my first task was to make tights into socks…I realise that this sounds easy but honestly, with so much going on around me I was distracted even by the pictures on the walls (well, they were Rankin‘s!). Next I was to brave the steamer, at which I like to boast that I’m pretty good. Chose the right person there. With my tasks complete and a million pin pricks I turned my attention to six beautiful models ready to be dressed…Natalia and I got to work. It’s unfortunate that when you are a part of the preparation for a show you don’t get to see the result as it happens but what we did see in the dressing room was beautiful. Three designers work come together in an amazing star-studded evening. What can I say, my headache is cured!

I’ll tell you more when I’m allowed!

Photo: Nic Serpell-Rand for Rankin