Good Girl, Bad Language

Posted on November 22, 2011


Ever since the release of her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, Rihanna has pumped up the attitude and been the leader in the mindset of ‘Don’t mess with me!’. This is  all fine and at times quite inspirational. It’s only when it is rammed down the throats of tweenaged X Factor fans that it becomes a little…odd.

Last year the pop star was asked to perform on the family friendly show and proceeded to strip to nothing short of underwear and dance provocatively in front of the judging panel. It may be because I’m older or because I’ve seen her music videos that I didn’t find it too untoward but apparently 45,000 other viewers did. OfCom reported this staggering amount of complaints to a presumably red-faced Simon Cowell. None the less she was invited back this year and told to tone things down this time around. So she did, she wore a cute tartan dress with a peter pan collar, black tights and…wait….oh dear….the shoes…

Rihanna x factor 2011
Now, I know that Rihanna has what us British folk term as a ‘potty mouth’ on Twitter, and yes it is unnecessary the majority of the time but I personally can’t help but find the whole shoe issue quite amusing. An artist like Rihanna who, as I explained, does things her way or else is not going to take ‘tone it down’ lightly. Her act is her act and her performance on X Factor the first time around was raunchy because that’s what she wanted it to be. So, think what you will about the naughty shoes but I have no qualms in assuming that she’s glad we got the message.