The Return Of The Drawstring Bag

Posted on December 6, 2011


So we all know that fashion comes back around, sometimes sooner than we would hope, but I am more than happy about this one…The drawstring bag. Ok, so it reminds us of Swimming lessons at school and the general dread of such occurrences, but go with me on this one and remove all of your primary school trauma from the equation.
I saw two girls in a well known cosmetics shop today and something about them caught my eye. Not only were they incredibly fashionable and comfortable with the fact that they were wearing mini shorts, (high five to that!), but they had managed to make something very old school and bulky into a effortlessly cool and feminine accessory. By teaming their drawstring bags up with said shorts and sweet Peter Pan collared shirts they looked as if they didn’t mean to but somehow managed to look damn fashionable.
I asked them where they got the bags from, the first girl said exactly what I had predicted, “Topshop”, but the other girl surprised me…”A little charity shop in Southampton”, AMAZING! This trend has come back just in time for cast offs to be available affordably second hand! (only adding to their charm).

Below are a few options that I have come across…I only wish I had taken a picture of my two trend setters. Alas, resources didn’t allow for it.




P.S: Remember to go for an oversized backpack style, not a teeny tiny handbag.