Dragon Tattoo at H&M

Posted on December 9, 2011


I think I have finally felt the relief of finding an affordable collection that has everything I would ever think of wearing in every style possible. H&M are getting more and more known for their designer collaborations and now the Swedish brand have teamed up with Trish Summerville to create a Lisbeth Salander inspired collection, DRAGON TATTOO.
If you don’t know who Lisbeth Salander is then you must have believing under a rock. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the talk of the town since the books went global and the Swedish movie followed, Salander is the protagonist….she’s got a tattoo. My father enjoys the books by Stieg Larsson and so, respecting his artistic opinion, I endeavoured to check them out. I got as far as finding out that the American version of the film with be released this month and that Rooney Mara is the playing the lead. I then got into looking at production photographs and style boards from the costume designer. Something baffling happened. Just as I began to wonder where one who seeks comfort and style would find such clothing at Salanders, along came H&M and their clever idea.

December 14th will see the release of a new collection at the high street store by costume designer for the forthcoming film, Trish Summerville. If you are looking for a worn, comfortable AND stylish look (a la Freja Beha) then look no further…

20111209-212701.jpgMiddle = favourite

20111209-212725.jpgCostume designer Trish Summerville, center.

20111209-212843.jpgStill from the upcoming movie.