Find a friend in FOE

Posted on January 18, 2012


Back in August 2010 I posted about an exciting new talent forming in the countryside of Hampshire. FOE had started gigging, making their own music videos and creating handmade walkmans for their dedicated fans. A year and a bit down the line and where are they? About to start their debut album tour that’s right about where. Receiving raving reviews from NME, Drowned in Sound and more, Hannah Clark and her gang are about to hit the big time. I can feel it .


Photo by Lulu McArdle

Bad Dream Hotline is the debut offering from FOE via Mercury Records and is an absolute must have. These kids know what they’re doing and do it damn well. Band members include Adam Crisp (Entrepreneurs), James Headly (previously of Elle Milano alongside Crisp) and Callum Buckland (widely known on Tumblr as Kazland) all of whom you should catch on tour. (hear/watch the lead single here).

If you are clever enough to buy the album may I also suggest that you buy some tape to stick your repeat button down.

foe shows

Artwork by Hannah Clark