Merrimaking in the Clouds

Posted on January 18, 2012


I have posted about the fabulous British design due Merrimaking before to a great response. Merrimaking are Meg and Harri and their sewing machines. They create bespoke animal hoods, jumpers and jewellery that have been spotted on celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Ke$ha. It gives me great pleasure to inform  you of a new little something from the creative pair. The Cloud Jumper….that’s right, a jumper with clouds on!


Photo from with permission

The two best things about this adorable piece are that it comes with a silver lining and you can let the girls know just how cloudy you would like your sky. At £40 (plus £3.50 p+p) this is a definite for the chilly weather we have been having. It’s unisex and sized as S,M,L. If you order one of these beauties you can also look forward to the envelope it comes in. Ok, I know that sounds silly so I’ll explain, the last time I received a gem from merrimaking it came with a joke and a quote handwritten on the packaging. Oh…and an interesting drawing of a fox (skulk…get it?)

Go and have a mooch around on their website.